Cuiling (Sue) Gong

Sue GongTexas Christian University
Department of Engineering
TCU Box 298640
Fort Worth, TX  76129
PH:  (817) 257-6317
FAX: (817) 257-7704


Cuiling Gong joined the faculty of the Department of Engineering at Texas Christian University in August 2011.  She received her Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 1999. She had two M.S. degrees in Civil and Environmental Engineering from MIT and University of Minnesota in 1996 and 1993 respectively. She received her B.S. degree from Tsinghua University in China in 1990.  Before she joined TCU, she worked at Texas Instruments (TI) for 11 years as the key mechanical designer of the digital micromirror device (DMD), which enables a wide range of display products such as projectors used in classrooms, home entertainment centers and movie theaters as well as smart phones. She also worked at the Kilby Innovation Labs of TI developing microscale piezoelectric vibration energy harvesting technology. She spent one year at Exxon Production Research Center as a R&D engineer in Houston, TX before joined TI.


Research Interests

  • MEMS design and modeling

  • Microscale energy harvesting technologies

  • Wireless sensor networks

  • Ultrasonic induced cavitation and sonochemical effects

Teaching Interests

  • Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS)

  • Energy harvesting technology

  • Fluid mechanics

  • Heat transfer

  • Thermodynamics

  • Manufacturing

  • Circuit analysis

  • Digital logics


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  5. Cuiling Gong and Rabah Mezenner, “Micro-mirror element with double binge,” issued November, 2010.

Selected Publications

  • Cuiling Gong, David Mehrl, Tim Hogan and Frank Armstrong, “Optical MEMS,” book chapter, 2008.
  • Cuiling Gong, “Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) Pixel Shrink for High Resolution Application”, Proc.TEXMEMS VII, 2005, pp.103-106.
  • J. Huffman, C. Gong, “Next Generation Pixel Scaling for the Digital Micromirror Device,” 2005 IEEE Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting, Santa Barbara, CA, October 2005, pp163-168.
  • C. Gong, D.P. Hart (1999), “Interactions of bubble dynamics and chemistry in cavitation bubbles induced by ultrasound,” Proc. of the 3rd ASME/JSME Joint Fluids Eng. Conf., July, 1999, San Francisco, CA.
  • Cuiling Gong and Douglas Hart, “Ultrasound induced cavitation and sonochemical yields,” Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 104 (5), November, 1998.
  • Sheldon I. Green, Douglas Hart, Cuiling Gong and John Brisson, “Dynamics of acoustically excited bubble clouds,” Proceedings of 1997 ASME Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Cuiling Gong and Douglas Hart, “Ultrasound induced cavitation and sonochemical yields,” Proceedings of 1997 ASME Fluids Engineering Division Summer Meeting, Vancouver, Canada.
  • Cuiling Gong and Elfatih Eltahir, “Sources of moisture for rainfall in West Africa,” Water Resources Research, Vol. 32, No. 10, 1996.
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  •  C.C. Song and Cuiling Gong, “Hydraulic Transient Modeling of T.H. 35W Sewer System,” Report for Minnisota Department of Transportation, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, 1994.
  •  C.C. Song and Cuiling Gong, “Hydraulic Transient Modeling of TARP system,” Report 332, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, 1993.

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